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Heirs of Hippocrates

Heirs of Hippocrates

Heirs of Hippocrates: The Development of Medicine in a Catalogue of Historic Books
in the Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, the University of Iowa

Abbreviations and Symbols

b. born [ ] Square brackets enclosing numbers of pages or leaves indicate that the pages or leaves are not numbered but are determined by count. Brackets enclosing an author's name indicate that the work was published anonymously or pseudonymously. Brackets enclosing a date, place of publication, or publisher indicate that this information was obtained from a source other than the title page.
ca. circa  
cm. centimeter  
col. colored  
d. died  
diagr., diagrs. diagram, diagrams  
ed. edition  
facsim., facsims. facsimile, facsimiles  
fig., figs. figure, figures  
fl. flourished  
fold. folding  
front. frontispiece  
illus. illustrations  
l., ll. leaf, leaves  
n.d. no date  
n.p. no place  
n.publ. no publisher  
p., pp. page, pages  
port., ports. portrait, portraits  
pt., pts. part, parts  
vol., vols. volume, volumes