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Heirs of Hippocrates

Heirs of Hippocrates

Heirs of Hippocrates: The Development of Medicine in a Catalogue of Historic Books
in the Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, the University of Iowa

About the Online Version

The University of Iowa Libraries is pleased to make available this web based version of Heirs of Hippocrates. Now in its third edition (1991), Heirs… is recognized by librarians, medical historians, and book collectors, as a source of authority that has rightly taken its place as one of the premier reference books on the history of medicine and medical bibliography.

It should be noted that the digital version is not intended to and cannot replace the print edition, which will continue to be available for purchase. This new version can, however, provide access to the contents in new ways.  Not only is the entire text searchable but the interface is designed to accommodate complex search queries on specific fields.  In addition, since the medium is electronic, entries on additional works will be added to the database as they are acquired. 

Like its print counterpart, the arrangement of the electronic catalog is chronological by year of birth of the authors whose works are included.  This has been accomplished by placing browsing links following each entry to allow users to “leaf” through the pages as they would the printed edition. 
Please note that some of the original illustrations in the print version have been added to the web version, and additional images have also been added.  The addition of further images in planned.

Comments and suggestions regarding this project are welcome and should be directed to: