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Heirs of Hippocrates

The Development of Medicine in a Catalogue of Historic Books

Complete Record - Heirs of Hippocrates No. 1510

ROBERT LISTON (1794-1847) Lectures on the operations of surgery. Lea and Blanchard 1846 [4] xii, 565, 32 pp., illus. 23.3 cm.

For more information on this author or work, see number: 1507

Liston's reputation as a surgeon and teacher made him well known and widely respected throughout the American medical community. Here, Thomas D. Mütter (1811-1859), professor of surgery at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, collected nineteen of the lectures given by Liston in 1844 at London's University College. Mütter indicates that the original lectures were published in Lancet but, in this work he has edited the lectures and added some 250 pages of his own commentary to clarify and expand upon Liston's material or to add subjects not covered by Liston.

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