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Heirs of Hippocrates

The Development of Medicine in a Catalogue of Historic Books

Complete Record - Heirs of Hippocrates No. 333

GABRIEL FALLOPIUS (1523-1562) Libelli duo, alter de ulceribus: alter de tumoribus praeter naturam. Apud Donatum Bertellum 1563 [3] 1, 101 [1] ll. 21 cm.

For more information on this author or work, see number: 331

Fallopius was a clinician as well as an anatomist, and this treatise on diseases of the skin (ulcers and tumors) is one of the most complete of its kind up to the time of its publication. An interesting bibliographical point in this copy is the canceling of leaf 1 with a substitute leaf, but the cancelland was not removed, thus leaving both the original leaf and its substitute in place.

Cited references: Cushing F25; Durling 1438; Waller 2934; Wellcome 2156 (1566 ed.)

Gift of John Martin, M.D.

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