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Heirs of Hippocrates

The Development of Medicine in a Catalogue of Historic Books

Complete Record - Heirs of Hippocrates No. 331

GABRIEL FALLOPIUS (1523-1562) Observationes anatomicae. Apud Marcum Antonium Ulmum 1561 [8] 222 [1] ll. 15.4 cm.

Though a friend, local supporter, and successor to Vesalius (see No. 280 ff.) in the chair of anatomy at Padua, Fallopius did have the temerity to point out, in this modest text on anatomy, some errors in the Fabrica. This occasioned Vesalius' answer in the Anatomicarum Gabrielis Falloppii observationum examen (1564) (see No. 297). Fallopius was a poor man and published this book at his own expense. Even a more ardent anti-Galenist than Vesalius, he corrected Vesalius on the course of certain cerebral arteries, described the clitoris and the arteria profunda of the penis, first fully examined the Fallopian tubes, and gave a clear account of the ocular muscles and cranial nerves. Observationes was Fallopius' most important work and the only one published in his lifetime. There are no illustrations in the book.

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Cited references: Cushing F27; Durling 1440; Garrison-Morton 1208; Osler 593; Waller 2935; Wellcome 2147 (1562 ed.)

Gift of John Martin, M.D.

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